Dude News: May 31st, 2018

The Internet Bullied Weezer Into A Cover Song

…whether you’re on Twitter or not, you can appreciate that social media can be a very obnoxious place. Especially when other users are berating you. So imagine being Weezer, and bullied into covering a Toto song on Twitter:

It doesn’t sound bad, not at all, actually. I just can’t imagine that deep down anyone in Weezer likes the song ‘Africa’. Hell, Toto wrote the song, and I don’t think THEY even like it. But, someone decided that Weezer really needed to lay the cover down, and created a special Twitter account, in an attempt to badger one out of the band. And then, the Internet got behind this dumb idea: http://bit.ly/2IXstG7

Cheaters’ Monopoly

…turns out, you’re probably cheating at Monopoly. Don’t get defensive, dude. 50% of people are. And that’s why Hasbro has redesigned the game, for cheaters like you: http://bit.ly/2sqTyGI

Cavs/Warriors, The Sitcom

…and finally, with the NBA Finals kicking off tonight, how much better would this series be as a 90’s sitcom?