Dude News: May 5th, 2017

Check Your Gin, It Might Be REALLY Strong.

…meant to hit this yesterday, ran out of space/time. Story of my life/this blog. If you’ve recently bought a bottle of Bombay gin, two things. First, why? Gin’s gross, man. Second, you should check the bottle. If it’s got a certain product code label, then it’s 77% alcohol, not the usual 40%, thanks to a mixup at the factory. Double the booze! So exciting! More HERE: https://goo.gl/ZuRsBk

Robert Plant Has Everyone Wondering About A Led Zep Reunion Again.

…a Led Zeppelin reunion? I mean, it’s probably the only reunion more elusive and unlikely than Guns n Roses, and look what happened with them last year. So, let’s use that “anything can happen!” attitude when detailing this next story. The other day, Robert Plant updated his website, with only three words. Those three words nearly broke the Internet, because it’s got everybody wondering if they could spell a Led Zep reunion: https://goo.gl/7nM48a

That Time The Big Show Sh*t Himself In The Ring With Brock Lesnar

…don’t get me wrong, being in a fight with Brock Lesnar would likely cause me to soil myself, regardless of whether the fight was real or not. So I’m not talking any amount of smack on The Big Show, the WWE wrestler who quite literally sh*t himself while in the ring with Brock: https://goo.gl/9crG7D

A First Date With Blink 182 and Linkin Park

…and finally, the best thing on the Internet yesterday, a first date with Blink 182 and Linkin Park:

A First Date with Blink 182 & Linkin Park from Funny Or Die