Dude News: May 7th, 2018

(Maybe?) The Latest Trend In Men’s Fashion

…at first, this article made no sense for me to post here. Consider the writer of this blog, and his general lack of fashion:

But then, I thought, “maybe this is exactly why I SHOULD share this article”. I know this isn’t a fashion blog, or a fashionable one at that. So maybe this is our perfect opportunity to get out in front of the next big fashion trend. For once, WE, the DUDE News population, might stand a chance at being FASHIONABLE. So, with no further ado, here’s what might be the next big thing for men’s fashion. I hope you’ll be able to say you heard about it here first. 

The trend? Men in heels: https://goo.gl/3cxGc4

Meet Violent Bob Ross

…it’s no secret that the UFC is low on big personalities, the kind of fighters that can sell PPVs and put asses in seats. Brock Lesnar’s wrestling. Conor McGregor’s either boxing, getting arrested, or counting his money while talking sh*t on Instagram. Georges St.Pierre may never come back. Jone Jones can’t stay out of trouble long enough to get into an Octagon. Ronda Rousey? She’s never coming back. So maybe, this guy is exactly what the UFC (and MMA in general) really needs. They call him “Violent Bob Ross”: https://goo.gl/Bbvwtr

The Rain Has Arrived

…and finally, it was a beautiful weekend, so you’d be forgiven if you didn’t spend much time indoors, on Netflix. And if so, you may not have noticed, but they dropped a big dose of nightmare fuel on Friday, with ‘The Rain’, a Danish horror series, which looks pretty nuts.