Dude News: May 9th, 2018

GSP…Vs Nate Diaz?

…alright, remember a few days ago, (two blogs ago, to be specific), when I mentioned Georges St.Pierre as one of the fighters that the UFC can’t bank on for fights going forward? Well, I swear, that was the consensus, that Georges might never fight again…until yesterday. 

It all stems from a podcast, where Dana White dropped a bomb, about trying to put together Georges St.Pierre vs Nate Diaz, for UFC 227 at the Staples Centre: https://goo.gl/JAxPqn

But don’t get excited too quickly. The sport’s biggest insider, Ariel Helwani, threw some water on the fire shortly after the MMA Internet started to freak out.

This will be interesting to watch over the next few weeks. Do I think it’d sell? Sure, you could fill that arena, and sell a bunch of PPVs. But Georges has already fought (and beat), Nate’s older brother, Nick. Hard to picture this one going any different. If I’m making a super fight for GSP, that has nothing to do with belts, there’s only one logical choice:

Bob Dylan’s Knockin’ On Liquor Store Doors

…Bob Dylan’s got a whiskey on the market now. Do we think it’ll be any different/better than Rolling Stones wine, Sammy Hagar tequila, or AC/DC beer? Hard to say. Have a look: https://goo.gl/jQfQdM

The Catcher Was A Spy

…and finally, this looks pretty friggin’ cool. Paul Rudd stars as Moe Berg, a professional baseball player who became a spy in World War II.