Dude News: October 4th, 2017

The Vancouver Giants Are Gonna Wear This Beauty Jerseys This Weekend

…oh man, this is such a win, on multiple levels. The Vancouver Giants wearing Don Cherry jerseys this weekend? Obvious win. The fact they’re donning (sorry for that pun, fully intended!) the Grapes jerseys for a great cause? Even bigger win. They’ll look great, and it’ll promote organ donation. Oh, and you’ll be able to bid on them in a charity auction. Win, win, win: https://goo.gl/sGPJbV

Jared Leto’s Gonna Play The Hef.

…wow, that didn’t take long. A Hugh Hefner movie’s in the works, with Brett Rather directing and…Jared Leto as Hugh? https://goo.gl/8R7MYK

FS1 Takes Shots At The Knicks, On The Subway?

…the New York Knicks have had more than their fair share of struggles over the last few years, and that’s coming from a long-suffering Edmonton Oilers fan. But I’m not sure exactly what they did to piss off Fox Sports 1. The sports network decided to launch a full advertising campaign on New York City’s subways cars, encouraging fans to pick someone to blame for the Knicks’ hardship(s): https://goo.gl/JytN8R

Searching For The World’s Oldest Pub

…and finally, who has the world’s oldest pub? Depends on who you ask, but it certainly makes for an entertaining search in this video: