Dude News: October 6th, 2017

Wanna Party With A Bunch of Jagrs?

…how does partying with Jaromir Jagr sound? Pretty sick, right? Well, I have no way of making that happen, at least not on short notice. But here’s the next best thing. Partying with the greatest Jagr fan club there is, The Travelling Jagrs, who are headed to the Flames home opener tomorrow, and then out on the town after:

How The Hell Is Soundgarden Not Going Into The Hall of Fame?

…I don’t know that we need to get into debating the latest batch of nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, because everyone’s got differing opinions on the validity of those who were nominated, and those who weren’t. But I will say that it’s sheer garbage that Soundgarden WASN’T nominated, considering the passing of Chris Cornell this year. Really, Rock Hall? https://goo.gl/2znXz9

Meet Village Bobby

…our friends over at Village Brewing have unleashed a new seasonal brew for the coming cold months, and like so many great YYC beers, it comes with a story. This one is a tip of the cap (sorry about that pun) to a Calgary beer icon: https://goo.gl/zTwqsK

A Conor McGregor Documentary, Coming Next Month!

…and finally, this Conor McGregor documentary looks pretty cool, especially because it doesn’t appear to just be a highlight reel of The Notorious’ greatest hits. It’ll tell his story, of coming from absolutely nothing to becoming one of the biggest sports icons of the last decade. Count me in: