Dude News: September 11th, 2017

JJ Watt’s Introduction In Houston Yesterday Is Pure Goosebumps.

…starting today’s blog anywhere else but with this video just seems foolish. There was lots to love about the first Sunday of the 2017 NFL season. But JJ Watt’s introduction in Texas? The best.


The South Park Video Game Will Be Very South Park

…the new South Park video game drops next month, after multiple release date delays. You’ve gotta hand it to Trey Parker and Matt Stone, they don’t have ass anything. And they also don’t ever water themselves down. So, in classic South Park fashion, the game will be hardest when you choose to play as a black character: https://goo.gl/5RTwic

The Exorcist Guy Filmed An Actual Exorcism.

…wow. How’s this for movie buzz? The dude who directed The Exorcist has a new horror flick on the way, and he filmed an actual exorcism for it: https://goo.gl/bvyorm

Here’s The Best Pizza In Town. Period.

…and finally, I’ve found the best pizza in all of Calgary, you guys. Spiros. Had their lamb/feta/artichoke yesterday, and it was a spiritual experience.