Dude News: September 12th, 2017

The Minnesota State Fair’s Beers Are Out Of Control.

…this will probably be a case of me getting WAY too far ahead of myself, considering we only just got local beer into the Calgary Stampede, and we’ve got much, much more work to do, in order to make it much, much more of a presence there. But check out the fun they’re having with the beers at the Minnesota State Fair!

An Interview With A Creepy Clown

…I’ll be honest, I’d dismissed the whole ‘It’ remake, as just that, another remake. I can’t be alone in that thinking, right? That we remake too often, instead of seeing original ideas? I’M LOOKING AT YOU, MICHAEL BAY. Anyway, it’s done super well, the biggest ever opening weekend for a horror movie, to be more specific. So, I’ve dug in and done some more research on this thing. This interview with the dude who played the the clown, Pennywise, is pretty great: https://goo.gl/H6ahTX

Come Do Some Good With 100 Men Tonight!

…tonight’s another meeting of 100 Men Calgary. The concept is really simple, the work they do is outstanding. 100 dudes get together, each with a $100 donation in hand. We pool our money, and hear presentations from three local charities. At the end, we decided who gets the $10,000, by anonymous vote. It’s held at the brewery, and it’s a really cool way to give back. The best part? There’s space available for YOU to join, tonight: https://goo.gl/BH5N2H

The Sedins Are Loyal To YVR.

…and finally, I’m far from a Canucks fan, but goddamn, this is pretty cool. Henrik and Daniel Sedin wrote an open letter to Canucks fans, clarifying their future in Vancouver. There’s been lots of people saying that their Stanley Cup window has closed with the Canucks, and plenty of speculation that they might want to go somewhere else to try and win one before they’re done. That ain’t happening, according to Danny and Hank: https://goo.gl/ghiCCu