Dude News: September 14th, 2017

Netflix Nabbed The Tragically Hip Doc

…great news about that Tragically Hip documentary, following the band on their final tour last year. Netflix has picked it up, and you can get your mitts on it in late November: https://goo.gl/VJufLn

Violent Gents Gear Has Landed In YYC!

…thanks to Rockaholic Matt McQueen for the heads up here. Violent Gentlemen hockey apparel is some of the best stuff around, but until now was mostly only available for order online! No longer, friends. They’re in the mall!

Everyone’s Talking About Super Mario’s Nipples

…Nintendo had a big day laid out yesterday, with plans to unveil a new Super Mario game for the Nintendo Switch. And I’m sure the game is all well and good, and will sell a bunch of copies (and consoles!) this Christmas. But what everyone’s talking about? Mario’s nipples: https://goo.gl/oQiJAE

Epically Later’d: Bam Margera

…and finally, this mini-doc that Vice did on Bam Margera is really great, you guys. Highly recommend you watch it when you get a chance.