Dude News: September 15th, 2017

Jolt Cola Is Making A Comeback

…sometimes stuff comes back and I’m like, “well yeah, obviously. People loved that. It had to come back!”. Other times, I’m legitimately puzzled, and curious if anyone wanted/wants it back. Case in point: Jolt Cola. Before there was Red Bull, there was Jolt. Caffeinated cola. And I don’t know if you wanted it back, but it’s making a comeback: https://goo.gl/ovu4jd

Here’s What NHLers Wanna Change About The Game

…ESPN had a great idea, asking a player from each NHL team what they’d change about the game, and why. The resounding consensus? Olympics. But some of the other answers were really interesting too: https://goo.gl/tZv3Ux

The Business Of Addiction

…this blew my mind a little bit. How the video game industry is evolving to be like the casino business. It might freak you out a little, if you’re a gamer: https://goo.gl/HorQwo

The Foo Do Let There Be Rock

…and finally, Happy Concrete and Gold Day, friends! New Foo has arrived, and it’s friggin’ great. We’ve got a one-hour exclusive iHeartRadio special airing at 10 PM tonight to celebrate, and it’ll re-air on Sunday at 7 PM, too. Here’s a really killer AC/DC cover that Dave & co whipped up in the UK the other day: