Dude News: September 4th, 2018

10 Words To Get You More Matches On Tinder.

…if you’re stuck in a Tinder/Bumble rut, or new to the app and completely unsure of what the hell you’re doing, either way, I got you. Stumbled across this article over the weekend. Apparently, there’s ten words you should be using in your online dating bio(s) to get you more matches. Have a look: https://goo.gl/BCBtkx

A B-Real Dispensary, And A Snoop Cookbook?

…a couple of interesting forays for notable rappers. B-Real from Cypress Hill/Prophets of Rage? He’s getting into the weed game. Err, further into the weed game, that is: https://goo.gl/5iBshp

And your boy Snoop Dogg? He’s releasing a cookbook: https://goo.gl/Az4vmj

Mario’s Got Shootout Moves

…and finally, keep your eyes on the Arizona Coyotes’ Mario Kempe in the shootout this year.