Dude News: September 6th, 2018

Metallica Tried To Cover Prince, And, Well..

…lots to get to inside today’s blog, so let’s jump right into it. First off, one of the weirdest covers you’ll ever hear. Give Metallica credit, they were in Minneapolis, home of Prince. So attending a Prince cover? Logical. However, I wouldn’t call it a success.

Second, big ups to the boys in Billy Talent, for their response to Toronto’s shootings last month.

No More Stanley Keg Stands

…it was a pretty crazy summer for Lord Stanley, although they always are for trophies like him. The difference this summer? Well, 2018 may go down as the year they had to ban Stanley Cup keg stands: https://goo.gl/aHtTNN

Asleep In Two Mins, Thanks To The Army

…and finally, if you struggle sleeping (like yours truly!), make note of this. The American military has a secret for falling asleep in two minutes: https://goo.gl/hrwrV2