Electric Avenue & The Red Mile Are BACK For The Playoffs!

The Red Mile & Electric Ave Are Ready For Playoffs!

Playoff hockey is always a good time in Calgary, but this year feels a bit different, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s the fact that the weather’s warmed up a little more abruptly than usual. Maybe it’s that this Flames team is the best (statistically) we’ve seen since they last won the Stanley Cup in 1989. Or, maybe it’s the fact that there’s multiple avenues getting in on the party. Of course, you’ve got the Red Mile:

But Electric Avenue’s comin’ back, too.

Sandler Night Live

Bit of a surprise announcement from Saturday Night Live the other day. Adam Sandler’s gonna host next month…for the first time EVER: http://bit.ly/2UxWm4T

Chernobyl Gets The HBO Treatment

And finally, sign me the hell up for HBO’s ‘Chernobyl’ docu-series. Six episodes, starting May 6th.