Fillip, A New App That lets Your Pre-Purchase A Bunch Of Fuel When It's Cheap

Fillip Lets You Buy A Bunch Of Fuel When It’s Cheap

…my friends over at Crackmacs blogged about a pretty cool new app here in Calgary, that lets you prepay fuel…and then use it when fuel’s pricey. You can go up to $300, and then use it whenever:

The Enes Kanter Story Is A Crazy One

…it’s pretty well documented that sports are a struggle in Florida. The Panthers and Lightning haven’t had an easy time pushing hockey there, and baseball has some similar issues. So much so, that the Tampa Bay Rays are downsizing their stadium capacity, because it looks so bad on TV:

Raab’s Podcast Is Worth A Listen

…and finally, if you’re looking for a new podcast too listen to, I’ve been digging this one, from Raab Himself, of Jackass/CKY/Viva la Bam fame. He’s catching up with a lot of the faces you’re used to seeing him alongside, including Bam.