FIRST LOOK: 'Blood Quantum', A Canadian Zombie Movie!

Blood Quantum, A Canadian Zombie Flick With A Bunch of Buzz

Well, this looks really badass. Here’s your first look at ‘Blood Quantum’, a movie that’s picked up some buzz, for a few different reasons. It was all filmed in rural Quebec, with a bunch of Aboriginal actors, telling a horror story about a zombie outbreak, where the only people immune to said outbreak? The indigenous population. They’re gonna promo this thing at the Cannes Film Fest, which means the things got some critical credibility, too. No trailer, yet:

But, if you wanna follow along, there’s an official Facebook page, too:


All of the Game of Thrones talk this week has nothing to do with storylines, and everything to do with a Starbucks cup that made its way into a scene:

Although, as my friend Jesse Modz pointed out yesterday, this could be product placement, in the form of an “accident”. And if so, well played, Starbucks. Because it’s all anyone talked about yesterday. 

A Tour Of Cowboy’s BMF Ranch

And finally, is this the next dude to fight Conor McGregor? Those rumours have fired up again, after Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone’s impressive win at UFC Ottawa last weekend. If you’re not familiar with Cowboy, you should get familiar. Because McGregor fight or not, Cowboy’s one of the funnest fighters on the UFC roster. In the cage, and out of it: