Fornite Monopoly Is Coming, Just In Time For Christmas.

Fortnite Monopoly!

…parents, if you’ve struggled to understand your offspring’s love of the video game Fortnite, here’s some great news, just ahead of Christmas shopping season. They’re releasing a Fortnite-themed Monopoly, replacing Boardwalk with Tilted Towers. If the back half of that sentence didn’t make sense to you, yes, you should buy this for your kid for Christmas:

If you’re buying me a board game for Christmas, though, make it the Dr.Pimple Popper game, please.

Here’s How To Step Up your Old Fashioned Game

…chillier weather in the forecast has me thinking cocktails. 

(Ok, in the interest of transparency, warm weather makes me think cocktails, too. But, I digress.)

If you’re a fan of the Old Fashioned, consider stepping that beverage up, with this ingredient change:

Would Spirit

…and finally, wow, a Nirvana/Alice in Chains mashup works better than you’d probably think.