Getting Hollywood Shredded? According To A Star Of 'It's Always Sunny', It's A Miserable Process.

Getting Hollywood Shredded Isn’t Easy, It’s Miserable.

…I thought this was really interesting. Rob McElhenney from FX’s ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ underwent a pretty drastic body change for the show’s latest season, and had some pretty scathing words for male body image, and the process it took him to get that physique. Not the glowing review you’d expect:

With that being said, if you’re undeterred, and ready to put the work in for a Hollywood male body, have a look at Mark Wahlberg’s daily routine, which has been making the rounds online the last couple of days:

Maynard Updates Us On New Tool

…I’m going to laugh heartily at all of the doubters and naysayers when Tool finally releases their followup to 2006’s ’10,000 Days’. Sure, I might be a super old man by then, laughing from my rocking chair, taking a break from yelling at neighbourhood children to get off of my lawn. And yes, said hearty laugh might kill me, because of the coughing fit that’ll ensue, but dammit, it’ll be worth it. Until then, you can laugh, at me, for continuing to drink this Kool-Aid, and believe it’s nearly here. Here’s the latest update on a new Tool album, straight from Maynard James Keenan:

Three Weeks Til Conor/Khabib!

…and finally, speaking of hype trains, the Conor/Khabib one is starting to fire up and leave the station. There’s been a press conference scheduled for next week:

And, this training video from ‘The Notorious’, too.