Here's How Long It'll Take You To Finish Red Dead Redemption II

Yeah, Red Dead II’s As Huge As You’ve Heard

…there’s one thing everyone knows about Red Dead Redemption II, already one of the (if not the biggest!) video games ever. It’s friggin’ huge. Takes a long time for people to download, is super detailed and elaborate, and will take you a VERY long time to finish. But exactly how many hours? On the surface 55-60 hours of gameplay. But, there’s even more than that:

A Breaking Bad Movie? Yup.

…you can understand the collective skepticism of the Internet yesterday, when word started flying around about a Breaking Bad movie. But, turns out, that rumour is confirmed. And yes, Bryan Cranston’s down to return as Walter White:

First Trailer For The Wu-Tang Doc

…and finally, I wasn’t going to include this trailer, for fear that Wu-Tang isn’t exactly what the target demo of this blog is looking for. And then, I remembered that Wu-Tang is for everyone. Wu-Tang is for the children.