Here's Why You Might See Some Pant-Less Riders On Calgary Transit This Weekend

The 2019 No Pants C-Train Ride 

…this is weird. But, if you’re bored this weekend, maybe a decent way to pass the time, and make some new friends. The kind of friends that don’t wear pants while riding public transportation. Yes, this weekend is the annual No Pants C-Train Ride:

Bandersnatch Ain’t Done Yet

…oh, you thought your latest Black Mirror headache was over? Wrong. The latest instalment is a Choose-Your-Adventure style movie, with alternate endings. It’s been driving people crazy for the last couple of weeks. And now, Netflix is saying there’s another ending, that you might’ve missed:

Bomb City

…and finally, this documentary looks worth looking for. It tells the story of Brian Deneke, a skateboarder and punk rock kid who was murdered in a deliberate hit and run in 1997, after an incident with a high school football player in Texas. It’s got some great reviews, too.