Hey Look, A Website For All Of The Big Stuff In Canadian Towns

A Website For All Of Canada’s Big Sh*t

…I got into a heated debate with a girl the other night about the location of the world’s largest perogie. Please, don’t ask. Anyway, it led me to this website, which is actually really cool! A list of all of the gigantic stuff in Canada, province by province. As it turns out, we’re a country full of big stuff. And Alberta? We’ve got gigantic dinosaurs, fur traders, skunks, sausages, UFO landing pads, and yes, perogies: https://goo.gl/bgNeuH

A Chester Cameo, Anyone?

…keep your eyes open for this one. You might not’ve had a solo album from a Lamb of God guitarist on your radar…but that’ll change with this news. It’s gonna feature a song with the late Chester Bennington: https://goo.gl/BXcfkT

Punisher Season 2

…and finally, I know January can be boring as hell, but this’ll change that a bit. New season of The Punisher drops two weeks from today!