Jaromir Jagr Has A Job Offer...In Tibet?

Jagr’s Next Gig?

Jaromir Jagr’s still playing hockey, albeit not at an elite level. But whenever he’s done playing in Czechia’s professional league, he’s got an interesting job offer…in Tibet? And from what I can tell, it’s to help create Tibetan hockey prospects: https://goo.gl/9TR9pb

What Dry January Is Like For Bars & Bartenders

Now that Sober January is over, you can get back to your regularly scheduled boozing for the next eleven months of the year. But while you were gone, things were likely kinda rough for your favourite bar, and bartenders. Here’s what Dry Januarys are like for the bar industry: https://goo.gl/8uJJoH

And here’s an idea if you’re looking ton celebrate your return to the drinking class tonight. 

New Matchstick Skeletons

And finally, if you’re looking for new music today, there’s a brand new EP from my friends in The Matchstick Skeletons: