Johnnie Walker's Releasing A Game of Thrones Whisky

White Walker Whisky

…I’m gonna keep my expectations realistic for this one, because it feels pretty gimmicky. But, it’s the biggest show on TV (I think that’s still a fact, right?), and it’s booze, so it checks off a couple of the prerequisite boxes for this blog. Game of Thrones returns for an eighth season in earl 2019 (most reports say April), and the hype train is already rolling over at Johnnie Walker whisky, with a special edition blended scotch; “White Walker Whisky”. Have a look:

Lunch With Jim For A Great Cause!

…we’re about a month away from a great charity lunch, with a great guest speaker, one of Calgary’s biggest beauties, Jim friggin’ Button. Here’s a write-up from my buddy Gerry Forbes in the Calgary Sun about the event:

3/4’s of Nirvana Reunited This Weekend

…and finally, as expected, here’s the some pretty cool footage from the Foo Fighters’ CalJam 18 music festival, which featured a reunion of the three surviving members of Nirvana, and guest vocals from a few different musicians on the festival’s roster, including Joan Jett. Skip to 13:15 for some Teen Spirit.