Just In Time For Valentine's Day, You Can Name A Cockroach After Your Ex, For $2.

Yes, You Can Name A Cockroach After Your Ex, For $2.

Here we are, eight days away from Valentine’s Day (or PAL-entine’s Day, for those of us single and choosing to celebrate bromance!), and a very interesting opportunity just came up for anyone who’s not over their ex. If you’re still bitter about she/he, maybe this is the kind of therapy you require. A conservatory in England is letting you name a cockroach after your ex, for just $2: https://goo.gl/UpcxUN

Super Bowl Parade Gronk Didn’t Disappoint 

We may all have different opinions and fatigue levels when it comes to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. But one thing that unites us all? Watching Rob Gronkowski party. And Gronk loves to get loose when the Pats win the Super Bowl. Currently, he’s in the form of “Parade Gronk”, which is an early stage of celebration. We’ll see how close he gets to Ovechkin levels of championship partying. Here’s how he got down at the Pats’ parade: https://goo.gl/E7YjYf

Another Blink 182 Member On Joe Rogan

And finally, a pretty interesting guest on Joe Rogan’s podcast yesterday. Travis Barker: