Kurt Cobain's Hospital Gown Is Now Up For Auction!

Wanna Own Cobain’s Hospital Gown?

Memorabilia is a little weird in nature, keep that in mind for this story. I’ve got a Conor McGregor print hanging at Castle JD, that has two pieces of the (bloody) UFC Octagon in it, from the two fights that I saw of his in 2015. So, who am I to call this piece of memorabilia weird? Someone’s selling Kurt Cobain’s…hospital gown? Have a look: http://bit.ly/2SPC1mF

The Hockey Hair’s Back In Minny

Arguably the greatest amateur sports tournament of the year just went down in Minnesota, and with all due respect to March Madness, this event is really more deserving of a “madness” moniker. The hockey hair on display at this high school hockey tourney is nothing short of mad: http://bit.ly/2tZkI8M

Castles Are Crazy, Man. 

And finally, got a little too high the other night, and fell down a weird rabbit hole on YouTube, and now you get to enjoy it with me. Here’s how crazy the construction of Neuschwanstein Castle was.