LISTEN: The New Blink 182 Song Is Only 49 Seconds Long, And Awesome.


New Blink Is Only 49 Seconds Long, And Awesome

Man, this is refreshing. That new song blink-182 dropped last month was a straight-up dude, and I know I’m not the only one who felt that way. 

So when I heard there was a new song coming this past Friday, I was worried. Thankfully, ‘Generational Divide’ is nothing like its predecessor, in the best way(s) possible. It’s fast in tempo, it’s fast in run-time, and it’s, well, blink-182. 

Here’s The Latest On The New Consoles

Between vacation time and summer stuff, I’ll admit, I’ve been sleeping on the latest Xbox/Playstation news, and there’s been a lot of it. So, if you’re behind like me, let’s get caught up. 

Here’s what we know about the PS5:

And Microsoft’s ominously-named, “Project Scarlett”:

A Couple Of Funny Moments From NHL Draft Weekend

And finally, a couple of cool things from this past weekend’s NHL Draft. First, this dude who spent the last two months spamming the New Jersey Devils on Twitter:

And, all of the walk-up songs for kids at the Draft.

‘Cotton Eye Joe’?! What were you thinking, Nils Hoglander?​