LISTEN: This Cover of Rage Against the Machine's 'Maria' Is AWESOME.


grandson Does RATM

Oooooh boy, this is good. And I’ll be honest, I’m surprised. When you hear that someone’s covered a band like Rage Against the Machine, you’re immediately skeptical. No knock on whoever the covering artist it is, it’s just that a band like Rage is largely considered un-coverable, by most people’s standards. Well, good on grandson, a young artist who’s had a lot of people talking over the last couple of years. And this cover of RATM’s ‘Maria’ will just add some fuel to the hype machine’s growing blaze. 

Did A Dragon Eat A Major Game of Thrones Character?

This is some heavy duty fan stuff, and as someone who didn’t watch Game of Thrones, I’m largely ill-equipped to discuss the matter at length. But if you watched the show, you might wanna read this. The Huffington Post folks consulted a forensic anthropologist to try and determine whether or not a major GoT character was actually eaten by her pet dragon:

New MacBook, Anyone?

And finally, if you’re seeing a new MacBook in your future, consider now the point where you start saving, because it looks like there’s new ones coming this fall: