LOOK: A British University Made a Chernobyl Vodka, With Rye From Nuclear Russia!


Chernobyl Vodka, Anyone?

Yes, really. I know you've clicked today's blog while asking the very obvious, logical question, "are they REALLY making vodka from the fields near Chernobyl?!". The answer is yes, and the concoction has been whipped up by some great minds, at a British university, who swear its safe to consume: http://bit.ly/33nyq5I

S&M's Coming To Theatres!

Bad news? Metallica's S&M2 sold out really friggin' quick. If you don't know, this is a revival of a REALLY cool idea from the 90s, when the band performed alongside the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. 

Anyway, both shows sold out super quick. But the good news? They're gonna bring it to theatres this fall, sop we can all enjoy it: http://bit.ly/33ty7pV

A Rugby Star's NFL Debut!

And finally, not sure if you've seen it yet, but Christian Wade is a big time rugby star in the UK, and he's found himself in Buffalo Bills camp this year, at running back. His first ever touch? 65 yards, TO THE HOUSE! What a debut. I know it's only preseason, but this could become a very, very cool story.