LOOK: A Zombie Apocalypse Video Game Set In Calgary!

Dead Matter Brings A Zombie Apocalypse To Calgary!

A zombie apocalypse in Calgary? No need to panic, not an imminent threat, to my knowledge. But it would make for a helluva video game, at least, according to a local dude named Nikolas Zorko, who’s looking to make a game called ‘Dead Matter’ happen: http://bit.ly/2Z11L3K

No Greek Freak In Space Jam 2

We know Lebron’s in for Space Jam 2, the next question will be about cameos. Remember how many NBA stars rode shotgun with Michael Jordan in the first one? Well, here’s one basketball star you can cross off of the list. Here’s who declined: http://bit.ly/2X1p8IL

To The Stars, With Tom

And finally, here’s a cool mini documentary, catching up with Tom Delonge, formerly of Blink 182.

META: Tom DeLonge - To The Stars from META on Vimeo.