LOOK: An American Steakhouse Is Offering Steak & Bourbon..Ice Cream?


Steak & Bourbon…For Dessert?

Day 6 of the Calgary Stampede is here, and odds are your wallet, metabolism, and live are all hurting. But, bear with me, because I think I’ve got an idea for Stampede 2020. A steakhouse chain in the States has just rolled out a new dessert option, for National Ice Cream Month, and you can’t tell me this wouldn’t work on the midway next year. 

Steak and bourbon ice cream, y’all: http://bit.ly/329Ud02

A High Wire Stampede World Record

In case you missed it, a full-blown world record was set down on the Stampede grounds on Monday night: http://bit.ly/2S9g3w3

The Canes’ Cognitive Training

And finally, ending up just one round short of the Stanley Cup Final has clearly got the Carolina Hurricanes bothered and busy this off-season. They’re introducing a new kind of training to the summer training regiment. Cognitive response: