LOOK: Blackhawks Goalie Reveals New Helmet, With An Amazing Mental Health Message


Lehner’s New Bucket, And Its Incredible Message

First things first, let’s hand out some kudos, shall we? Because they’re much deserved over here, for Blackhawks goalie Robin Lehner, who just finished up his mask for 2019/20 season, and it’s got a great message.

Oh, and if you haven’t read Robin’s incredible backstory, you really ought to. If you don’t have a membership for The Athletic, this is a helluva story to start with: http://bit.ly/31Et4RX

Mia Khalifa Says Porn Only Paid $12K

This next story is a divisive one. Some people are really feeling for former adult film star Mia Khalifa, who revealed in a recent interview that she only made $12,000 in her entire porn career. Others are poking holes in those claims, or just flat out calling BS. More HERE: http://bit.ly/2Z2cPAv

The Swimming Slayer Fan Gets A Can

And finally, did you hear the one about the swimming Slayer fan from Canada who wound up on a beer can? http://bit.ly/2JG6Sj1