LOOK: Blink 182 Is Back To Hiring Adult Film Stars!


Blink 182 Hires Another Porn Star

What do you do when you’re about to out on the road, celebrating the 20th anniversary of your band’s most iconic album? Well, if you’re blink 182, you hire another porn star, because said iconic album had an adult film star on the front, too. In 1999, that actress was Janine Lindemulder, on the cover of blink’s ‘Enema of the State’. In 2019? It’s a young lady named Riley Reed, whose name you should be very careful about Googling at work, ok? Anyway, here she is giving Travis Barker a checkup, before tour. 

Oh, and another new song from the dudes, too. And it’s pretty good. 


There’s been two big scares to start the 2019 CFL season. Bo Levi Mitchell’s pectoral injury…and this. The new look Ganier the Gopher, the Saskastchewan Roughriders’ mascot who looks…different this year: http://bit.ly/2FNoTuw

Beer Run, Anyone?

And finally, if you’re looking for a physical challenge for this summer, and you’d like it to include beer, there’s a Beer Run for that.