LOOK: It's A Shame This April Fool Wasn't Real...A $5.1 Billion MGM Casino In Calgary?!

No, A $5.1 Billion MGM Casino Isn’t Coming To Calgary

It’s a fine line between “funny” and “cruel” when it comes to April Fools’ Day pranks, and this borders upon the latter. After a city’s been kicked in the junk as many times as Calgary has over the last few years, it’s a pretty logical thing for an April Fooler to take aim at that for their joke. The problem? This April Fool sounded/sounds pretty cool. A $5.1 billion casino and resort, complete with an NHL arena, movie theatres, restaurants, casino, and hotels. All built by the MGM Casinos folks from Vegas. 

It’s a shame it isn’t real: http://bit.ly/2VaGvWX

New Nine Inch Nails, Kind Of. 

This next one is real. Well, mostly. Well, kind of. See, 10 years ago Nine Inch Nails teased a brand new album, called ‘Strobe Light’. On April 1st, the whole thing was revealed to be an April Fool. But yesterday, a decade later, the album showed up, sorta: http://bit.ly/2JX0RSs

Into The Throat Of A Beatboxer

And finally, what happens when a viral beatboxer gets to do a TED Talk? He shoves a camera down his throat, to show how it all works.