LOOK: Putting With An Excavator At The John Deere Golf Tourney


Putting With An Excavator?

Ok, this is cool. Look what John Deere has rolled out at the John Deere Classic PGA tour stop this weekend.

Gimme A Break, Toronto 

Toronto already thinks that its the centre of the universe, sports wise. And now, that sentiment is about to extend to the world of chocolate. Prepare to envy the Big Smoke, because they’re getting something pretty cool, from Kit Kat. A “Chocolatory”, which actually sounds pretty cool: http://bit.ly/2Se0BPu

Screw you, Toronto. 

Ed Sheeran Just Wrote The Best Rock Song of 2019

And finally, credit where credit’s due. I’m not an Ed Sheeran guy, but Ed Sheeran just wrote as good of a rock song as we’ve heard in several years, and he tapped some surprising friends to help him with it.