LOOK: Tesla's Making An Electric Truck, And It Won't Break Your Bank!

A Tesla Truck?

A Tesla pickup truck? Well, before you audibly scoff, ponder a couple of things. First, have you ridden in a Tesla yet? They’re cool as hell, I had one at the airport in Amsterdam last week. What a trip, figuratively and literally. Here’s something else to consider; apparently these things won’t break the bank. 

There’s some pretty interesting reading to be done about this electric pickup idea, if you’re interested: http://bit.ly/2WvOmmB

Drake Offered Fred Some Health Care

Just when you think the Raptors’ NBA Finals story can’t get any more “feel good”, here’s Drake offering to let Fred VanVleet use his free healthcare for some medical bills: http://bit.ly/2Znw3gD

Tool’s On IG!

And finally, we’re now just 81 days away a new Tool album, but who’s counting? The Internet, that’s who, as we continue to freak about very small pieces of news, like the band creating an Instagram account:

And, closely monitoring YouTube for live bootlegs of new music being played at European shows this summer.