LOOK: The BC Lions Just Unleashed A MASSIVE Burger For The 2019 CFL Season

The BC Lions Have A MASSIVE Burger For You

You may want to plan a road trip to Vancouver this year, for a BC Lions. It’s no so much that the Lions have a bucket list atmosphere for their games. This trip would more so built around a concession item. More specifically, a big ass burger.

Spider Venom And Urine, As Remedies?

A couple of weird pieces of medical news that came across my Dude News radar this week. 

First, got erectile dysfunction? Maybe the solution can be found in spider venom: http://bit.ly/2TvoOnt

Or, maybe your problem is acne? In which case, you can remedy that with…your own urine? http://bit.ly/2J0JXBQ

Like I said, weird week. 

Joe Rogan On ‘Leaving Neverland’ 

And finally, here’s Joe Rogan on the new Michael Jackson documentary that everyone’s talking about.

It’s on CraveTV right now, if you’re looking for a weekend binge.