LOOK: The Girl With The Diamond Covered Lamborghini

The Girl With The Diamond Covered Lambo

There are three distinct emotions you’ll feel within today’s blog. First? Anger. Because that’s the logical emotion evoked when you meet someone with a diamond-covered Lamborghini.

A luxury sports car, covered in two million of Swarovski diamonds? Madness. And yes, the owner is on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dradionova/

Tips For Enjoying Roadkill

Shock. Or, disgust, perhaps. Because let’s be honest, you probably didn’t know that it’s now legal to eat roadkill in the state of Oregon. And that’s also pretty disgusting But, since it’s legal, here’s a guide on how to properly eat roadkill, because Dude News: http://bit.ly/2V6fcAV

Your First Trailer For Sonic Is Here

And finally, you’re about to feel either anticipation, or dread. It depends on whether or not this first trailer for the Sonic: The Hedgehog movie gets you stoked, or makes you roll your eyes at the lack of interesting movie fodder coming out of Hollywood.