LOOK: Two San Diego Men Are Holding 10,000 Mobile Scooters Hostage


Scooter Companies VS Scooter Scoopers

You sure get a mixed bag of reactions when you’re ripping around on a Lime scooter. Some pedestrians look thrilled, others appear terrified, and a certain percentage of them look positively annoyed with the whole concept. That’s what makes this story so interesting. In San Diego, there’s WAY more of those scooters flying around, to the point where it’s become a problem for some. So, a repo guy and a bike shop owner decided to take action. And now, they’ve got 10,000 of those scooters stored on their property, and they’re not giving them back just yet: http://bit.ly/30O3xpi

Meet Weili Zhang, Everybody

If you didn’t know who Weili Zhang was before this weekend, that’s ok. But the woman just put the world on notice, with a 42 second KO to claim a UFC belt, early Saturday morning. 

Why’s this a big deal? It’s not just how it happened. It’s who did it. Weili is the star the UFC’s been looking for, not just in China: https://es.pn/2PJL9Nw

But also in women’s mixed martial arts, where they haven’t had much true star power since “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey was kicking ass and taking names. Oh, speaking of Ronda, she congratulated Zhang after the big KO win, too: http://bit.ly/32gAYRC

(She also got some love from Tom Brady before the fight: https://www.instagram.com/p/B1xL6zyJ3XH/)

Perhaps a star was born at UFC Shenzhen.

Grandma’s LOVING Slipknot

And finally, did you see this grandma loving every second of a Slipknot show? My favourite piece of video from the weekend!