LOOK: Tyra Banks Is Back On The Cover Of SI's Swimsuit Issue, At 45!

Tyra’s Back On The Swimsuit Cover!

Wow, good for Tyra Banks, one of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue OGs. She was on the cover way back in 1997, and she’s back on in 2019. 45 years old, “25 pounds heavier”, and looking great.

There’s a few different cover girls this year, actually.

Preventing B.O, Before Pit Stick

You may’ve never asked yourself this question, but it’s an interesting one, one I hadn’t pondered before yesterday. How did people keep themselves from smelling awful, before there was deodorant? Well, here’s eight ways: http://bit.ly/2VovMML

New Blink, At Least We’ll Always Have Old Blink

And finally, no, the new blink-182 likely isn’t what you were hoping for. It certainly wasn’t what I’d hoped. 

But, on the bright side? We’ll always have The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show.