Lord of the Rings, Performed LIVE, By A Calgary Orchestra, This Month!

The Calgary Phil Takes On LOTR!

Well, this looks really friggin’ cool. As mentioned on the show last week, the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra is doing something pretty unique later this month. An ode to JRR Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings. They’re performing the music of ‘The Two Towers’, for three special shows. Here’s the info: http://bit.ly/2VRGLhi

Elon Musk VS Uber?

You think it’s hard to stay motivated when you’re super rich? It probably helps being super smart, too. That’s bound to keep a loaded dude going, and looking for that next big thing. For Elon Musk, a super rich, super smart dude, he’s found one of his next big things. A fleet of self-driving cars that’ll challenge Uber, by next year: http://bit.ly/2H1UCI2

Dio, Performed By A Badass Family Band

And finally, thanks to Rockaholic Terry the Chip Guy, who sent us this the other day. Like no family band you’ve ever seen, guaranteed. Meet Liliac: