Meet Canada's Unsung Athletic Hero, "The Beast Of The Beer Mile".

The Beast of the Beer Mile

…what’s that expression? “Not all heroes wear capes”? Well, here’s your classic case of a true hero who just won’t get his due, in a country enamoured with hockey stars. When you’ve got Connor McDavids, Steven Stamkoses and Sidney Crosbys throwing this country into regular tizzies (is that really a word?), an athlete like Corey Bellemore just isn’t going to grab headlines. But dammit, Corey should. Meet “The Beast of The Beer Mile”.

Seattle’s Edgewater Hotel's SWEET Rock Suites

…when the weather goes to shit like it did yesterday, I find myself passing the time browsing travel options. And yesterday, that meant stumbling across the “rock n roll suites” they’ve got for rent at Seattle’s legendary rock hotel, The Edgewater. This is a hotel that’s hosted Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, Kurt Cobain, and many other rock legends. And now, they’ve got a couple of special suites showing their rock history off:

Danny McBride Wrote For Michael Myers, But Couldn’t Handle Meeting Him

…and finally, an interesting tidbit I overheard at the bar the other night, and after some research, it checks out. Danny McBride might’ve written the new Halloween movie that’s coming out, but meeting Michael Myers? Nah, he was too scared to do that. Yes, really: