Meet "Cultivatr", Calgary's Online Farmers Market!


Cultivatr, The Online Farmers Market

Have you heard about Cultivatr? They’re this new Calgary startup, an online farmers market! This is pretty perfect for anyone who doesn’t have time to hit up a farmers market on the weekend, or just flat out doesn’t want the hassle of heading to one. Instead, Cultivatr brings the meat and/or produce right to you, and manages to put more money in the producer’s pocket, too. I met one of the dudes behind it a few weeks ago, and they’re stoked on where this go! More on Cultivatr, which is online now, right HERE:

90s Hockey Cards Were Hilariously Tacky

The dudes at BarDown are spending the summer months going over some of the most ridiculous hockey cards of the 90s, and this latest batch is hilariously bad, including Use Krupp with sled dogs, Joe Juneau’s drum set, Pat Fallon on a ride-on lawnmower, and Dean McAmmond on a skidoo, feeding two deer:

Have You Met Sturgill?

And finally, you might’ve heard me mention this on the show the other day. If you dig outlaw country, you’ll love Sturgill Simpson, a modern day country artist who sounds an awful lot like Waylon and Merle.