Mercedes-Benz's 'Monster X' Is The Carbon Fibre Beast You Need!

The Mercedes Benz MONSTER X!

Another cold, snowy weekend in Calgary. If the weather’s got you down, and spring isn’t close enough for your liking, allow today’s blog to treat you to a temporary escape. Imagine how much more fun this weather would be with a badass truck. More specifically, Mercedes-Benz’s ‘Monster X’, which is a carbon fibre BEAST. Here’s a closer look:

The Warped Anniversary Shows Look Sweet

Not enough of an escape? Cool, your boy JD’s got you. How about we plan a vacation? This summer, Kevin Lyman and the rest of the brains over at Warped Tour are putting together some 25th anniversary shows, and they look like a pretty good reason to plan a trip:

A Tom & Jerry Movie!

And finally, if neither of the above options worked, I’m almost out of ideas. Why don’t we escape to our childhoods for a moment? They’re making a Tom & Jerry movie, and the concept art’s been revealed. This should be cool: