No Pressure, Rival Sons. The Band Has To Play Black Sabbath...For Black Sabbath.

Poor Rival Sons, Man.

Is secondhand anxiety a real thing? Because I feel like I have it right now, on behalf of the dudes in Rival Sons. They’re the band that’s been to chosen to perform Black Sabbath songs…for Black Sabbath, at the next Grammy Awards. Oh, and they’ve got a little over a week until go-time:

Pete Davidson Crashed An Avengers Screening, With McDicks

How about good guy Pete Davidson? Dude isn’t phased by his recent breakup with the hottest Mom on planet Earth, Kate Beckinsale. No, instead he showed up to a sold-out Avengers screening the other night, and brought free McDonald’s for everyone: 

Seth Tells Howard About Meeting Spielberg While Smoking Weed

And finally, normally, I’d be an idiot for encouraging you to listen to a different broadcaster’s interview. But in this case, that broadcaster’s name is Howard Stern, and the interviewee is Seth Rogen. Their chat the other day was hilarious, and if you can find it, it’s worth a listen. Here’s a snippet.

Seth and Charlize Theron are in “Long Shot”, which hits theatres tomorrow.

And Howard? Howard’s still got it. What a legend.