Oh Good, A Site Guaranteed To Make You Feel REALLY Old.

Oh Good, A Website Guaranteed To Make You Feel Really Old

…I already regret posting this first link. Mostly because I know it’s going to make you feel old, whether you are in fact old as dirt, or not. I mean, that’s the whole point of the site, which has attracted nearly 1.5 million visits in its first week alone. Just punch in your birthday, and BOOM, you’ll get an idea just how friggin’ old you are: https://goo.gl/hzTz4V

Hockey’s Blowing Up In The UK

…yesterday, I saw that former NHL goalie Tom Barrasso had signed on to become the head coach of a British hockey team.

And at first, I was all, “oh man, poor Tom. Hockey in ENGLAND?!”. And then, upon doing a bit more digging, I learned that hockey is blowing up on that side of the pond: https://goo.gl/LjrjWg

Tom Morello’s Rise Against/Steve Aoki Collaboration, Which Nearly Featured Dave Grohl?

…and finally, here’s Tom Morello talking about his next musical endeavour, a solo album that drops this Friday. It’s got a pretty impressive roster of cameos, but the most unique might be his collaboration with Tim McIlrath from Rise Against and DJ Steve Aoki. Weird, right? Well, here’s how it came about, and how the role of Tim was nearly played by one Dave Grohl.

As for what it’ll sound like, there’s not much telling until this weekend, save for this snippet: 

It’s also not the first time Tim & Tom have worked together. This should be good.