PHOTO: Redesigned Sonic the Hedgehog Has Leaked...And It's Even Worse.

Redesigned Sonic Is Somehow Worse

Alright, let’s take you back a month or two ago, when we got our first look at the Sonic the Hedgehog movie. It underwhelmed people, for a few reasons. But one of the biggest complaints? How ol’ Sonic looked. Before you think this is just a classic case of the Internet being too harsh, have a look at this trailer and tell me you’d actually wanna pay money to see this sh*t.


Ok, so fast forward to early June, and the redesigned Sonic has leaked. And somehow, it’s worse:

Fred Durst Is Way More Interesting Than You’d Think

I’m as surprised as you’re about to be, in regards to the next statement. 

The best podcast I’ve heard in a long time? One with Fred Durst. 

Yes, really. He was interviewed by a dude named Josh Peck, and I can guarantee you that Fred’s far more interesting and insightful than you’re thinking:

The UFC’s OG RGs

And finally, how about a mini-documentary on some UFC OGs? Or, ORGs, we should say. Original Ring Girls.

I love you, Brittney Palmer. Please marry me.