Polkaroo Is Now "Tokaroo", A Marijuana Mascot

Polkaroo Is Now Tokaroo?

…you remember Polkaroo? Apparently, this was a super beloved Canadian Tv icon for children, who taught Canuck children all about using their imaginations, creativity, etc. Well, Polkaroo’s a different dude now, and Canada’s a different country. One where cannabis is legal. So, he’s now known as Tokaroo, a marijuana enthusiast. And no, the TV network that spawned him isn’t impressed: https://goo.gl/gkDPcV

Solo Travel’s About To Get Less Lonely.

…I friggin’ love travelling. And, I friggin’ love travelling alone. So, this is a little odd to relate to, but I can dig how loneliness would be a significant concern for solo travellers, especially those gone for prolonged periods of time, unlike the one or two week endeavours I’m prone to. There’s a new hotel brand aiming to address the lonely concerns that can come with travelling by yourself. So, they’re creating a social network for that: https://goo.gl/7Ynyem

Here’s Henry Cavill’s Witcher

…and finally, here’s your first look at Henry Cavill in Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’, a decidedly different role than the one you likely know him best from, Superman.