Ready For A Playoff Party? The Flames Have Two New Places For You To Watch!

The Flames’ ‘Red House’ And 'Red Lot', More Awesome Ways To Watch

Three things you need to know going into the start of the 2019 Calgary Flames playoff run.

1. There’s two more badass places to watch it, in addition to the Red Mile, Electric Ave, Tool Shed Brewery’s taproom, and other local watering holes. Introducing, ‘Red House’:

 2. The ‘Red Lot’ looks like a solid party, too:

3. Oh, and the Flames have partnered up with Terry from Fubar, to create a must-have playoff tarp:

Slayer Snow Globes?

When you’ve been doing it as long as Slayer has, looking back can be a bit comical. So, when the band reflected on some of the merchandise they’ve sold to fans over the years, it probably shouldn’t surprise you to hear that they’ve offered up Slayer snow globes, cars, shoes, and glasses, among other things:

The 12 Minute Game of Thrones Recap

And finally, with Game of Thrones only five sleeps away from its return, here’s a recap…in just twelve minutes. Ideal for anyone who’s forgotten, or anyone who doesn’t wanna spend several months of their life catching up to the rest of you.