SantaCon Is Taking Over Calgary This Weekend!

SantaCon YYC This Weekend!

…busy weekend on deck, friends. Three weekends until Christmas, use ‘em wisely. If you’ve got your shopping done, and you don’t have a party to be at this weekend, lemme make a suggestion. SANTA CON. Technically, this is a global event, I caught the Seattle version of it last December, and it was insane. Thousands of Santas, running all over downtown Seattle. Calgary’s Santa Con goes down Saturday, and it’s a sure-fire way to get yourself in the Christmas spirit. And all you’ll need is a Santa suit:

The Biggest Mistake In the History of the Music Business? 

…this is an interesting read. What might be “the biggest mistake in the history of the music business”, aka a record company that bailed on Rockstar Games, before they blew up:

The Probert Doc Looks Really Good

…and finally, this screens tomorrow night at the Plaza Theatre, and hits on-demand before the end of the month. The Bob Probert documentary was made by a Calgary filmmaker, and looks interesting as hell.