SHAKE & BAKED: Cannabis-Friendly Pole Dancing, Right Here In Calgary!


Shake & Baked

I know this is a little more geared towards the fairer sex, but the idea’s so unique, and so cool, I wanted to share it. Have you heard of Shake & Baked? They’re a pole dancing studio here in Calgary, with a twist. A twist that’s recently been legalized. Yes, pole dancing, with cannabis. Brilliant. Oh, and they do stags/stagettes:

Nintendo’s Coming To Schools

This is one of those stories that’ll make you wish that the world was different when we were kids. They’re about to start incorporating Nintendo games into schools in the UK…to help kids, “learn life skills”:

Between Two Ferns: The Movie!

And finally, a trailer I’ve been meaning to get into the blog for a couple of days now, because its caused some buzz online this week. Zach Galifianakis is bringing his ferns to Netflix in a couple of weeks!