That No Name Beer? It's No Good, According To A Beer Expert.

No Name Beer Is, Uhh…Not Good.

Good news? Loblaw has decided to put out a No Name Brand beer, which is currently for sale in Ontario. You’d imagine that it’ll probably make its way west eventually, and that’s where the bad news comes into play. A cicerone tried it out, and I’m sad to report, it’s not very good:

NFL In Regina?

Usually, you hear the words, “NFL” and “Canada” mentioned together, and it instantly means Toronto. Happy to report, that’s not the case here. It sounds like Regina’s planning on bringing an exhibition game to Mosaic this summer, between the Raiders and the Packers:

New Game of Thrones Trailer!

And finally, I may not know Game of Thrones, but I know the people who watch Game of Thrones. You’re all psychos, no offence. So, in an effort to appease the psychos (who may get stabby if I don’t have this YouTube link here!), here’s the new GoT trailer that dropped yesterday: